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Straight T is the most advanced orthodontic method available today, combining state-of-the-art software technology, high-end 3D technology, and the “ACCEL ANCHOR” system, designed specifically for each individual, Straight straight orthodontic T will move the teeth accurately and painlessly, to perfect the position of the teeth, giving you a smile that you always desire. Equally important is that Straight T orthodontics does not diminish the aesthetics in daily life, daily life and communication. You can still eat your favorite dishes, go to a party, and take souvenir photos with relatives and friends without being shy.

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Orthodontics are designed with a special, transparent substance, in accordance with medical standards and recognized by the US FDA Ministry High toughness, no cracking. Do not reduce the aesthetics in daily living and communication. Does not cause pain, discomfort like metal braces. Easy to clean, not afraid of bad breath, tooth decay, or gum disease during orthodontic process.



From the start of the Straight T, the transparent braces still retain the aesthetics of the teeth, making you feel confident. The perfect result is that the teeth are straight, harmonious with the face, so that every perfect smile will open up many opportunities in life.



High-end 3D simulation technology helps to design the braces in the most accurate way to achieve a satisfactory result of straight teeth, and perfect smile. By Straight T method, the patient can predict the location of the teeth after treatment, and predict the duration of treatment.

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“I found that I made the right choice when using braces throughout Straight T because the orthodontic effect was very obvious in both aesthetic and chewing function of the two jaws. I have no trouble during the orthodontic period, so life and work are not affected. ”


“Straight T surprised me because the orthodontic process was much easier and more pleasant than I expected. The fast-to-end process saves me a lot of time, but the orthodontic results are even more perfect than expected. ”


“I feel comfortable when wearing Straight T braces, this advanced method makes me less painful, and oral hygiene is easy. The results after the orthodontic process make me satisfied, the two jaws are regular so the ability to chew is greatly improved. ”


“Now I’m very confident when I’m selfie thanks to both straight and straight teeth. In the past, my teeth deviated much, especially the upper jaw, so my smile was not perfect. Transparent Straight T braces help me not feel embarrassed when meeting friends. ”




Orthodontic patients are treated and cared for by experienced experts and dentists from Vietnam and the US. The braces will be trimmed and hugged according to the gums to create aesthetics and no pain. You can take out the braces when eating so you don’t need to change your taste or abstain from your favorite foods. Easy to clean the braces and keep your mouth clean so don’t be afraid of bad breath, tooth decay, or gum disease during orthodontics. Most importantly, the orthodontic set is made of transparent material so it will not diminish the aesthetics and confidence in communication and daily living.

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Straight-T is an innovative and proven method for dentists and orthodontics to help their patients achieve great results with a new straight smile.

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